Enchanted Moments: Daria & Tanya's Exquisite Villa Erba Wedding on the Shores of Lake Como

VENUE / Villa Erba WEDDING PLANNER/ Lake Como Bespoke Weddings
WEDDING DRESS / Ines Di Santo MAKEUP / Anna Kalytyak HAIR / BLBS
DESIGN / Vincenzo Dascanio Studio Blunotte Eventi
VIDEO / Alberto D'aria ROBE / By Inna Elsie MUSIC / Sandy SaX
In the romantic setting of Lake Como, Daria and Tanya's wedding unfolded as a true testament to love overcoming adversity. Their journey, which blossomed just before the pandemic, only grew stronger as they navigated the challenges of the time together.

The couple's impeccable taste shone through in their wardrobe choices. Tanya was stunning in her Ines Di Santo wedding dress, complemented by Christian Louboutin shoes and an exquisite bridal robe by Inna Elsie. Daria, equally dapper, wore a finely tailored Dolce & Gabanna tuxedo, Cartier cuff links, Christian Louboutin patent leather loafers, and Tom Ford sunglasses, all carefully selected to reflect the grandeur of the occasion.

The meticulously orchestrated wedding at Villa Erba, under the guidance of Bespoke Unique Weddings, was a marvel of planning and execution. This historic venue, with its breathtaking architecture and gardens, was transformed by Vincenzo Dascanio Studio into an ethereal setting. Capturing every moment were Linas Dambrauskas' photography and Alberto D’aria's videography, immortalizing the elegance and emotion of Daria and Tanya's special day.

As the ceremony commenced, an unforeseen rain began, but quickly gave way to a beautiful rainbow, symbolizing hope and joy. Sandy Sax's melodies during the cocktail hour uplifted spirits, setting a tone of celebration and happiness. The trio of opera singers moved guests to tears with their powerful performances.

The reception was a culinary delight, catered by La Fenice Catering, featuring plate after plate of exquisite Italian cuisine. The bride and groom, alongside their guests, reveled in the joyous occasion, gathering around the three-tiered cake, partaking in the traditional Iranian dance, and sharing heartfelt speeches that brought many to tears.

Daria and Tanya's wedding was more than a celebration; it was a narrative of enduring love, cultural fusion, and the triumph of joy over challenges, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Lake Como.

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